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Devon House I Scream

Devon House I Scream is by far the single most popular store at Devon House, and a household name across Jamaica. Who can resist the delicious taste of ice cream, but even more tempting who can fight the range of natural flavours of Devon House I Scream? That’s right… there are now 27 flavours that can be had at Devon House…including bordeaux cherry, rocky river, strong back, devon stout, pistachio, coconut coffee and sour sop.
Patrons of Devon House iScream are sure to be reveling at the recent décor of the Ice Scream Shop. Devon House stands a proud symbol of Jamaica’s past and its history is compelling. Intended to further highlight the historical relevance of Devon House the ice cream shop was renovated to immerse customers in colonial charm. The new décor reflects an ice cream shop that specializes in exotic Jamaican fruit flavors.The ice cream shop now boasts a classic 19th century look which captures Jamaica’s architectural past.

Contact Number: (1876)929-7028

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