Property Layout & Achitecture

The architectural style of Devon House has been described as Jamaican-Georgian displaying very formal and symmetrical lines. The Georgian style came about in England between 1714 and 1811 when four Kings named George reigned successively. The design shows a mixture of Creole and Georgian styles adapted to the tropical climate. An elegant, single staircase sweeps up to the beautiful wooden façade with its many jalousied panels. Exquisitely carved fanlights can be seen above the doorways.

Devon House is furnished with a collection of Jamaican, Caribbean, English and French antiques and Jamaican reproductions that evoke a Jamaican Great House from the years 1860-1870. There are several distinctive features of the era that continue to thrill visitors to the Devon House Mansion including the Ballroom which boasts the original English Chandelier that George Stiebel, purchased for the room. The ceiling, done in Wedgwood style, is also original to the House.